Alexis Bell – Fast Car (Produced by @CAEDistribution)

AlexisAlexis Bell was born in San Francisco California to father, Joesph Victor Bell III of Black and Filipino decent and her mother, Rhonda Nadine Jobe of Creole decent had 4 children and Alexis is the second born. Alexis enjoyed writing and poetry at a young age. By the time she was 9, Alexis was writing poetry and submitting her work to writing contest in which she won first place prize for 3 different contest. Soon afterwards, Alexis began writing music in pass time and singing in church choirs. After her parents divorced, her mother moved her children to Vallejo, California where she finished her primary education. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from University Of California Davis, Bell started her own hair extension company called Sublime Hair.
As a natural born songstress, Alexis Bell was inspired by old school Blues greats like Etta James and Sam Cooke, old school R&B singers like Lauren Hill and Toni Braxton and hiphop mavericks suck as Drake, Alicia Keys, and Ciara. She is a combination of the these genres with a beautiful refreshing sound.
Alexis Bell decided to seriously pursue her dreams of becoming a singer while ended her marriage with High School sweetheart in 2011. In late 2011, Bell started recording No Question, her first solo album which is a beautiful blend of mid tempo R&B and Hip-hop music including hit tracks like Whippersnapper Ft ST Spittin, Fast Car Ft Hollywood Dutch, and Street Music in which will released under a independent record label Haitian Boy Entertainment (HBE) August 8, 2015.

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