K Camp – Slum Life [New Song]


K Camp remixes Future and The Weeknd’s slow burner “Low Life”.

Future and The Weeknd kicked off this past weekend by releasing the video for “Low Life”, exactly three months after they first released the song on Christmas Day. As such, the time is ripe for K. Camp to drop off his own “Low Life” remix, “Slum Life”.

As usual, K. Camp’s conception of a slum is much more grandiose than your everyday slum — his slum is a place where sidepieces ride around in Lamborghinis and modern-day Gary Paytons (K. Camp claims to be GP 2.0) roam the streets.

Stream “Slum Life” and sound off in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Everyday I see a nigga thuggin in my comments
Bitch I’m Gary Payton when he played for the Sonics
I would steal your bitch and stick my dick up in her stomach
You rapper still hating on a god, how ironic


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