Joyner Lucas – Panda (Remix) [New Song]

1460995346_0edefa04e965af4f563838783d536330Joyner Lucas completely eviscerates Desiigner’s “Panda.”

Massachusetts native Joyner Lucas enjoyed something of a breakout 2015 between his mixtape Along Came Joyner and his jaw-dropping BET Cypher verse. Towards the end of the year he released a high-velocity track with Busta Rhymes called “Jumanji.” He returns to the animal theme this morning with a remix to Desiigner’s megahit “Panda.”Basically, Lucas makes it his mission to destroy the panda.He explains his intentions in the first verse while imitating Desiigner’s machine gun ad-libs for good measure before going absolutely unconscious in the second… check out the quotable lyrics to get an idea of his M.O.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m tired of this fucking panda song
I don’t stand alone
I just wanna wrap my fucking hands across
Stab the head, and break the fucking panda’s jaw
Burn em up and turn the fucking candles on
Choke em, beat em, put a couple hammers on em
Dab on a nigga while I’m standing on em
Kick him, punch him, throw him, make him slam the wall
Tie him to a cannon, make a cannon ball
Into the ocean, make him suffer too
Nigga this is fucking animal abuse
Animal cruelty on the fucking news
I’mma kill the panda till he bloody too


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